Our company became know for specialized service for motor vehicles, where you will be welcomed by certified experts in area of machine engineering, mechanical works on motor vehicles, then in area of car electronic system and diagnostics, and scanning and testing all kinds of hydraulic pumps and pneumatic valves. Besides standard mechanical works our service is providing additional services like:
  • Scanning, testing and reparation of all kinds of pumps and valves;
  • Sand blasting and other works on lathe;
  • Testing and reparation of brake calipers;
  • Testing and reparation of compressors;
  • Treatment of braking drum and discs for extended lifetime;
  • Alternator and starter reparation;
  • Propshaft reparation;
  • Pneumatic valve reparation;
  • Mechanical assitance anywhere in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Decade of successful business management on Bosnian market is guarantee that you will get full service in TDS, from diagnostics and malfunction discovery, quick and efficient procurement of quality spare part, up to top service by experienced mechanical team. Testing and reparation all kinds of brake calipers is what makes us above and supreme over our competition. We are offering reparation of jaws for all types of goods vehicles, trailers and buses. Most common brands are Meritor/Lucas, Wabco, Knorr-Bremse, and others. We are removing malfunctions on all types of small and big delivery truks, box trucks, tipping trucks, mixer truck and road tankers. TDS provided overhaul of your vehicle in our service where we are testing and confirming success of our reparations and correctens of your vehicle. For all mechanical works that are being done in TDS service, we are providing defects inspection and diagnostic for free.