Our company is taking special care about assortment making strategy and its systematization. Apart from great variety of articles, we are offering extra benefits.


Service, specialized for motor vehicles, where you will recieve warm welcome by finest and proven experts in machine engineering.


Second decade in a row, TDS LLC is making success after success – not only in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but in region and even further.

With our conceptual business model we became known for: sale of spare parts, oil, and repair and maintenance service for business vehicles.

Commercial and media success of our company is based on precisely conceived and realized strategy of supply for over 10 000 guaranteed quality products. 

Our Company is different, our quality is our best advertising.

Your needs are our inspiration

Interview with CEO

When you manage to stay on the market for two decades, and you are accomplishing above average results, than you ...
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Education Febi Electrics

Company Ferdinand Bilstein South East Europe LLC realised project called ECAP(Education Centre for Auto Professionals). This education was provided for mechanics so ...
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TDS as Bonitetna zvijezda winner, in show Kapital

Among this years Bonitetna zvijezda winners is TDS LLC company from Sarajevo. They exist little bit over one decade, and ...
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Media report from Pouzdanost 2017 conference

By clicking on link below you can check reports from media in Bosnia and Herzegovina about great success of bosnian ...
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Hotel Hills Sarajevo hosted Pouzdanost 2017 conference

Today main theme in Sarajevo were success, professionalism, optimism, motivation and true social values. Story of success, judging by number ...
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Redesigned web page

TDS LLC company Sarajevo over long course of years is trying to keep up with trends, so their customers get ...
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Contact info:

TDS LLC Sarajevo
Trading, production and service company

St. Dr. Silve Rizvanbegović at number 2
71000 Sarajevo – BiH

Telephone:    +387 33 782 965
Fax:                +387 33 782 966

B.O.: TDS LLC Service and production
St. Kurta Schorka 8.
Telephone: +387 33 780 160

Working hours

Monday – Friday: 08:00h – 16:30h
Saturday:              08:00h – 14:00h
Closed on Sundays and holidays