TDS is known for its investing in HR, business potential of its employees, their education and business upgrade.

Our team is assembled of: 

  • creative, 
  • inovative, 
  • informed and
  • motivated employees.

They are carriers of our company’ s reliability and recognition.

Our company is investing in HR in a way that our employees are going to all sorts of professional and scientific seminars.


Interview with CEO

When you manage to stay on the market for two decades, and you are accomplishing above average results, than you deserve to be subject of conversations and topic of texts. One of the companies, that are successful in Bosnia and Herzegovina and region, is TDS Ltd Sarajevo. This company, stationed in Sarajevo, with its conceptual

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TDS as Bonitetna zvijezda winner, in show Kapital

Among this years Bonitetna zvijezda winners is TDS LLC company from Sarajevo. They exist little bit over one decade, and every year they are growing. In the beginning trade and service company, now expanded to production.

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Media report from Pouzdanost 2017 conference

By clicking on link below you can check reports from media in Bosnia and Herzegovina about great success of bosnian companies, among which is TDS LLC Sarajevo. Oficijelna stranica Pouzdanost 2017 Poslovne novine Business Magazine OBN Televizija TV1 HAYAT RTVUSK Impuls znanja 55

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