Interview with CEO

When you manage to stay on the market for two decades, and you are accomplishing above average results, than you deserve to be subject of conversations and topic of texts.

One of the companies, that are successful in Bosnia and Herzegovina and region, is TDS Ltd Sarajevo. This company, stationed in Sarajevo, with its conceptual model of business became known for after market sales, oil and business vehicles repair and maintenance service.

Company’ s commercial and media success is based on meticulously designed and realized strategy of 10.000 guaranteed quality products offer. TDS Ltd is, by LRC standards, credit worthy company. This company got some new business connections considering their reliability and trustworthiness, which management find useful and impressing.

“Term reliability means a lot in business world. Last year we were awarded with Bonitet star and it helped us a lot with promoting our brands. Also, I have to emphasize that it is important because this event is being followed by numerous media and TV hosts,” said Jakub Šenderović, TDS Ltd CEO, at the beginning of our talk.

This company, for years, makes excellent business results and always tries to improve and upgrade its services.

“Last year we did not have income increase, but it was, certainly, justified. We had constant investments and petty costs, regarding our companies expansion. Considering this we had smaller income than year before that. Most of our income was spent on acquiring new machine for parts production, and on our service equipment. Besides, we employed 10 more people, and we have plan to do the same thing by the end of the year,” said Šenderović.

First five months of current year are proof that last year’ s decisions and investments were justified and done properly.

“First positive results are about to come, and last year’ s work is about to pay off. All investments, that we mentioned earlier, already have results. After only five months we have gain as we had last year,” CEO discovered.

Bosnian market has very strong competition when it comes to this line of business, but TDS is aware of its strengths.

“Reliability is the first thing why we stand out. Also, our hospitality towards our customer is ever present, plus we did something our competition did not. We offer complete set of services regarding autoindustry, so when our clients come to our service they can get work done in one place. Often, I used to say that as much as good customer is important good supplier is important, because when you have top quality product, than it is easy to find a buyer. From that correlation we subtract word reliability, and our clients recognize our care for work, service we offer, so as hospitality, diligence, and everything else that makes us,” concluded Šenderović.

Author: Alen Mehanović

Source: Poslovne novine